watermelon drawing

How to draw a Watermelon step by step

In this drawing lesson, you will learn How to draw a Watermelon step by step.

This simple instruction will consist of five steps.

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In today’s lesson, we will learn together how to draw a watermelon step by step for beginners,

as these lessons are a proven educational group with very impressive results for learning to draw,

Drawing is one of the forms of plastic arts, and it is defined as a plastic expression on a surface,

using lines, spots, or any tool, and drawing can be recorded like today’s lesson that talks about how to draw a watermelon.

thoughts, observations, and scenes in certain moments, as It can be a preparatory work for one of the other means of artistic expression,

and drawing is mostly a self-contained work of art that has complete independence. any line;

Whether it is a form, or an image.

How to draw a watermelon step by step:

  • Step 1
watermelon drawing
watermelon drawing

We are going to draw a triangle now and this step is important to start now.

  • Step 2
watermelon drawing
watermelon drawing

We will draw the base of the triangle that represents a piece of watermelon in the shape of a triangle, as is clear.

  • Step 3
watermelon drawing
watermelon drawing

draw another triangle behind the other triangle, as is clear.

  • Step 4
watermelon drawing
watermelon drawing

We are now drawing black dots on the body of the watermelon as it is clear.

  • Step 5
watermelon drawing
watermelon drawing

now finishing drawing and coloring the watermelon in red, as this step is considered one of the creative steps.

How to learn drawing?

It is possible to master drawing by drawing several things for a specific period,

but the duration of that period varies from one person to another,

depending on the skill in using both the eye and the hand,

and the drawing position must be in front of the drawing board or table,

so that the person Comfortable when drawing, so that its upper half is straight,

and the elbow of the hand rests on the edge of the table, and the lighting must be appropriate from the north side,

and it is possible to learn how to draw by following several steps and exercises.

Sketch out the details perfectly

When drawing lines, the human eye must be aware of where that line will reach;

Where the drawings consist of many long and short fixed lines,

and a person may face some difficulties in drawing primitive lines with a feather or pencil,

so he must do several exercises, which are as follows:

  • Drawing horizontal, parallel and close horizontal lines.
  • Drawing fixed long and short vertical lines, and parallel vertical lines.
  • Draw long, short, and parallel curved lines.
  • Draw vertical lines intersecting with horizontal lines.
  • Draw lines of different thicknesses.

Drawing preparation steps

  • There are several steps to prepare the drawing in a proportional and consistent manner, as follows:
  • Find the main axis of the drawing, then put it completely on the drawing paper.
  • There should be a balance between drawing and real form.
  • Determine the height and width of the drawing, and then draw it in a simple geometric shape.


Drawing properties step by step

like today’s lesson how to draw a watermelon which is the basis for the visual expression of things,

has a number of characteristics that made it of importance, and the following are some of them:

  • The drawings range from simple to complex, as complex drawings require more time to be completed.
  • Drawing is an economical and low-cost way to express a specific idea using it, to be translated later and converted to any other media.
  • The tools used to create the graphics play an important role in their attractiveness.
  • Using drawings, shadow and light are located in the paintings by creating thick areas in them.
  • Lines joined at different angles, intersecting lines, curved lines and arcs are the basis for forming drawings.
What do you know about drawing for beginners?

Drawing is one of the most important types of visual arts, rather it is considered the basis of it,

through which ideas, concepts and even emotions are translated,

in addition to expressing fantasies and fantasies and translating them visually Drawing is done on paper, murals, gypsum and various panels using several tools and techniques,

such as pens, chalk charcoal and others.

As the different drawings are produced by merging several lines and points to form the final drawing according to the style of each artist,

as the drawing is considered a two-dimensional visual art, It was used to tell stories,

record history and transmit it, then it developed through the ages until it reached what it is now.

Does drawing have benefits?

Drawing provides many benefits for mental health,

and its benefits in improving the psyche of the individual may have a major role in influencing his daily life,

and the method of art therapy has been followed.

By doctors and psychotherapists for several decades to treat people of different age groups including people with mental or psychological disorders, war participants, and prisoners.

and among the promising and potential benefits of this type of therapy,

which need more studies to be confirmed,

is the improvement of interaction and social communication among affected people,

and the reduction of levels of psychological anxiety.

Tips for promoting mental health while drawing step by step

It is advised to follow the following instructions and advice, which contribute to enhancing the benefits of drawing on mental health:

  • Choose a quiet room away from any source that may distract the person while drawing, with the ability to listen to music that helps provide a calm environment and helps the person to relax, and choose a place where he can sit for a period ranging between 20-30 minutes without disturbance, and it is also recommended to turn off the mobile phone and TV during that.
  • It is indicated that there is no need to try new methods; For example, coloring in a new book, in an effort to enhance the benefits of relaxation; It is possible to suffice with the methods known to the person unless he wants to try new methods as a matter of change and development.

Drawing contributes to distracting a person from negative things and feelings by focusing on drawing and thus improving his mood.

Like today’s lesson how to draw a watermelon step by step,

and we hope that the article has helped you a lot today.

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