tree drawing

How to draw a Tree step by step

In this drawing lesson, you will learn How to draw a Tree step by step.

This simple instruction will consist of six steps.

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Teaching drawing to beginners is one of the most beautiful ways that help them express themselves and their hobby,

including today’s lesson how to draw a tree? and also to show the creativity of the personality, and in many cases it is used as an aid to treat depression and anxiety,

and the practice of drawing regularly and on an ongoing basis is a kind of psychological comfort and increase Creativity and thinking in innovative ways, especially for children.

Learning to draw for the first time without any previous experience or knowledge is a relatively difficult task, as it requires a lot of effort as it requires any other skill to learn.

It can be said that today’s lesson how to draw a tree? does not require a lot of materials or tools to start learning, only everything you need To him is a pencil and white paper, and you can use any kind of paper.

How to draw a Tree for kids

  • Step 1
tree drawing
tree drawing

First, we draw the upper side of the tree, where a group of curved lines crosses the top of the tree, as shown.

  • Step 2
tree drawing
tree drawing

In this step, we increase the percentage of curvature of the tree head, as is evident.

  • Step 3
tree drawing
tree drawing

We finish the tree top and close the top to make the tree complete and more attractive.

  • Step 4
tree drawing
tree drawing

Now we draw the huge leg so that the tree will be more powerful and beautiful, as is evident in front of you.

  • Step 5
tree drawing
tree drawing

This step requires a skilled artist, as we will now draw the roots and ramifications inside the tree top, as our drawing becomes more attractive.

  • Step 6
tree drawing
tree drawing

Now we color the tree green and brown so our drawing is ready.

Learn to draw step by step

It is linked in the minds of many that drawing requires a person to have a lot of experience from the beginning of drawing it, and this is a contrary understanding as drawing it today is how to draw a tree? the correct reality, and in order to realize this idea, you can see drawing as similar to medicine, history or pharmacy, for example Doctors cannot obtain medical talent before going to college and studying medicine.

As well as those with other disciplines, the first thing you need to learn any new knowledge is the desire and motivation you have towards learning and acquiring skills. If you are forced to learn a specific talent without your desire to learn it, you cannot reach it to mastery.

Also, in order to master drawing skills, it is necessary to maintain and continuously train to use the pen in the formulation of various shapes and drawings, as whoever practices drawing from an early age, we find that he has acquired this talent by acquisition until he reaches a high level in this field.

Why do we love drawing?

We may like drawing, but we are not good at it. This is the case of many, Drawing is one of the wonderful skills that can be learned and acquired, contrary to what many people thin, By watching and simulating the way drawing is done, you can also become a skilled painter, Anyone can draw whether he is talented or not, Drawing is a skill that can be acquired, like cooking and playing football.

Of course, some people are born with this skill, but most people can through learning acquire the skill of drawing by learning drawing step by step, Learning how to draw like a professional artist begins by learning the basics of drawing such as dimensions and drawing shadows, You can start with some simple and uncomplicated drawings, and with following Instructions You can move on to drawing more complex drawings such as caricatures and portraits.

How to learn to draw?

Many people are looking for how to learn to draw,

so that it is considered one of the wonderful things that may fill our free time,

such as today’s lesson on how to draw a tree? being one of the good and impressive hobbies as well,

and if you want to learn drawing and you have a desire,

you can of course do so through many resources

Which offers you lessons and courses on how to learn to draw from scratch,

as well as teaching drawing for all levels, for beginners and professionals.

Choose the right pen

Choosing the appropriate pencil during the drawing process helps in obtaining the best possible result,

and there are many types of pencils used in drawing,

which are classified according to hardness and color degree,

and there are (9H) sharp and light-colored pencils,

whose degrees are commensurate with the nature of artistic drawing, and (9B) pencils ) soft and dark in color,

and it is recommended to use (2B) or (3B) pens when following the steps of learning to draw for the first time.

The pencil should always be kept sharp and sharp when drawing,

while avoiding excessive so as not to consume it more than necessary,

It is possible to rub the pencil with the edges of the paper to sharpen it a little,

and a softer pencil can be used when you need to draw a dark line,

taking into account that the pencils Soft becomes blunt quickly with repeated use.

Drawing without looking at the paper

Drawing without looking at the paper is one of the common exercises to master the use of lead in drawing,

by placing the object to be drawn in front of the paper and fixing the pen over it,

then looking at the body from all visible angles, and moving the hand to draw in sync with the movement of the eyes without looking at the paper,

the drawing may seem strange At first, but with repeated exercise,

the hand and eye will get used to working together at the same time.

 Benefits of pencil drawing

The use of a pencil enables the painter to erase mistakes easily and without fear of making them,

as it is used to create preliminary sketches for drawing, in addition to the fact that pencils are inexpensive,

sold at reasonable prices, and available to everyone, as they are without an annoying smell like some colors and paints.


We hope that today’s lesson has won your admiration, and see you in a new lesson.

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