sunflower drawing

How to draw a sunflower step by step

In this drawing lesson, you will learn How to draw a sunflower step by step.

This simple instruction will consist of seven steps.

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There is no doubt that the art of drawing requires a minimum level of talent,

but that talent will not be the basis only, in order to become a real painter,

like today’s lesson how to draw a sunflower,

Rather, there must be some important steps that must be taken into account.

The art of drawing is basically a skill, and therefore it is something that can be learned through practice,

especially if the correct method of learning is followed.

You must have complete love and passion for this art, which we will see together during the following lines about how to draw a sunflower.

and the desire to Investing in hard work and dedication in order to develop your personality artistically Drawing skills can be acquired even if the talent is limited,

through a commitment to learning, training, and the ability to experiment and take risks.

The art of drawing has basics that you must learn in order to master it, such as color theory (light and shadow).

How to draw a sunflower step by step

  • Step 1
sunflower drawing
sunflower drawing

We draw the beginning of our drawing with full attention to detail and accuracy as is evident.

  • Step 2
sunflower drawing
sunflower drawing

We multiply the sunflower leaves with perfection in drawing.

  • Step 3
sunflower drawing
sunflower drawing

We are now drawing many, many new and beautiful papers, so that our drawing becomes more professional.

  • Step 4
sunflower drawing
sunflower drawing

We are now drawing the leg of the sunflower, and we are checking the steps as it is clear to you.

  • Step 5
sunflower drawing
sunflower drawing

We are now drawing the pot in which the sunflower is placed, making sure to draw the full details as clearly.

  • Step 6
sunflower drawing
sunflower drawing

We are now starting to color his drawing today.

  • Step 7
sunflower drawing
sunflower drawing

We are now finishing the coloring to draw it today as it is clear and shown.

Most famous painters

Why did the fame of some painters in the world exceed the borders of their country?

Some painters made great contributions that changed much of Western culture,

which led to these artists being considered at the forefront as they crossed many of the boundaries of art in their time,

and they also presented amazing innovations in the field of painting,

and the most important of these painters are:

  • Leonardo da Vinci, famous author of the Mona Lisa.
  • Michelangelo, author of The Creation of Adam.
  • JMW Turner.
  • Vincent van Gogh.
  • Paul Cezanne.
  • Claude Monet.
  • Pablo Picasso.

The fame of some painters exceeded the borders of their country because they presented many amazing innovations in the field of painting,

which were not presented by others, including Leonardo da Vinci, the owner of the famous Mona Lisa painting.

What is drawing and what is its importance?

It is one of the types of visual arts that is represented by the production of images on a surface,

usually this surface of paper, using many tools such as ink, chalk, graphite, charcoal or crayons,

and it is also known as artistic creativity that represents material things, concepts, attitudes, emotions,

ideas and imaginations Visually, it is also used to convey culture, language, etc,

by forming a group of lines in a specific way intended by the artist.

Types of arts in painting

There are many types of drawing art, including the following:

  • caricature art

It is a type of drawing that is specialized in depicting a specific subject in an excessively dramatic way,

as this drawing is characterized by the embodiment of something,

or enlarging and shrinking the features of a person’s face in order to make a comic artistic blindness.

Artists can use the cartoon drawing in animation, advertising, or graphic design,

This type of drawing is used to entertain people and provide interesting content.

  • cartoon art

This genre usually depicts a strange and comical view of the world,

as it is used in shapes and colors to show emotion or photography Artists can also use this genre in illustrations,

advertising, animation, graphic design, and others .

  • line art

This type uses straight lines and features without shading, as the artist expresses ideas and feelings like today’s lesson together how to draw a sunflower.

by these lines, paying attention to angles and curves without focusing on details.

  • Perspective art

Also known as 3D painting, it is the art that is concerned with distance, light, space,

surface, volume, scale and minute detail to draw something that gives the impression of being a natural form.


The art of drawing is one of the most beautiful and creative arts,

as it expresses the painter’s spirit with lines that motivate the beholder to explore its depths and reveal its hidden features according to his own view,

The vision in a specific painting from one person to another, due to his culture and personality,

and this contrast shows the painter’s ingenuity,

as he highlights hidden dimensions of the painting that may not appear clear to the ordinary viewer,

and we get to know what is a reading of invisible details expresses reality,

and the drawing branches into several types that make a difference from each other .

Drawing is a two-dimensional visual medium in order to express ideas and emotions,

with the addition of certain aesthetic qualities. The elements of this language are used,

in various ways such as shapes, lines, colors and tangible tones, to produce a sense of volume, space, movement and light on a flat surface,

These elements are combined into expressive patterns.

In order to represent real or supernatural phenomena, the artist’s decision to use a particular medium,

such as tempera, mural, oil, acrylic, watercolor, or other water-based paints, or ink,

as well as the choice of a particular form, such as a mural, Easel,

miniature painting or any variety of modern forms, relying on the sensual qualities and expressive possibilities and limitations of those options.

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