flower drawing

How to draw a Flower for kids

In this drawing lesson, you will learn How to draw a Flower step by step.

This simple instruction will consist of five steps.

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There are a number of methods that help learn drawing, including the following.

  • Continuity in drawing and practice like today’s lesson how to draw a flower? is the sure way to improve the level of drawing, as spending time in drawing occupies the brain in it, and helps the painter to learn distinctive and new techniques.
  • The illustrator took his sketchbook wherever he went, so he was ready to practice anytime, anywhere.
  • Selection of premium pencils.
  • Dedicate two pages in the sketchbook to experiment with the shape of the line produced from the pencils, and how to combine colors and shading.
  • Taking drawing lessons, as there are some techniques that can only be learned with a professional and experienced teacher.
  • Imitation and redrawing of classic paintings and drawings, as some important techniques can be learned from these paintings.

How to draw a Flower for kids step by step

  • Step 1
flower drawing
flower drawing

In this step, we draw the bottom of the rose, its lower part.

  • Step 2
flower drawing
flower drawing

In this step, we draw the rest of the body parts of the rose as shown.

  • Step 3
flower drawing
flower drawing

We are now drawing the beautiful blooming rose leaves.

  • Step 4
flower drawing
flower drawing

We are now drawing the leg and the leaf on the leg on the left side of the leg.

  • Step 5
flower drawing
flower drawing

draw the leg and the left leaf of the leg as shown.

Teaching drawing to children

There are a set of steps that must be followed to teach drawing to children, and they are as follows:

  • Encouraging the child to draw in the air as a preliminary practice for drawing, then drawing on the paper, like today’s lesson how to draw a flower? while preventing the child from looking at the teacher’s drawing, to avoid copying instead of drawing.
  • It is not possible to draw something that has not been noticed, so the child must take his time to discuss some matters about how to start drawing, and thus his self-confidence and focus will increase, and he will love what he does.
  • Simplify the drawing for the child, as he can start drawing the small part of the complex drawing, and then proceed gradually.
  • Use positive comments about the child’s drawing, so that he does not feel frustrated that leads him to stop drawing.

Learn to draw and paint step by step

Drawing differs from coloring in terms of the type of skill used in each of them,

as drawing depends on transferring different shapes, whether from imagination or reality,

or from another drawing to paper, and the transfer of shapes depends on the external lines of the shape and on the lines and details inside it,

The drawing can be realistic, so that it is very similar to real things that exist in reality,

or the drawing can be cartoon, so that it does not resemble things as they are in reality,

but expresses them in one way or another or gives an impression of them.

As for coloring, it relies on the transfer of light and shadows formed on objects,

so it does not only express the color of an object, but gives an impression of the source and location of the light,

such as today’s lesson on how to draw a flower.

and the places that are recessed inward and the places that are protruding outwards.

Step by step drawing saves time and effort

It takes a lot of time and effort to learn drawing or coloring,

as they are two major subjects on which many books have been written,

and artists have spent years honing their skills in both, He spends many hours of his life until he reaches his level,

and the technical level does not stop developing,

because if he continues more, he will become better and better.

The importance of learning to draw by practicing step by step

Learning to draw is by practice and repetition, and it is very similar to learning to write, just as a person takes his time to learn how to hold a pen and trains his eye and hand to draw certain lines and shapes on paper, so is drawing, and just as everyone can learn to write, everyone can learn drawing as well.

It does not depend on specific genes found in the DNA that enable one person to draw over another, and the reason why some people master drawing over others is practice.

The person who masters drawing often draws a lot from a young age, and all that the learner has to do is spend hours drawing until he catches up with him and makes up for lost time.

What do you know about free drawing step by step

Free drawing is one of the types of drawings in which an auxiliary tool is used such as:

Computer, protractor, compass or ruler, or pencils and charcoal, bearing in mind that free drawing is taught as a subject in engineering faculties.

So that it helps to provide skills and useful concepts in developing the ability to visualize geometric shapes in space, and apply them in a quick and correct manner, It must be noted that these skills are necessary for interactions with professionals in the early stages of various engineering projects, in addition to their importance in Initial stages prior to the use of computerized drawing techniques.


It is possible to obtain information and advice that speeds up the learning process,

but it is not as essential as practice, including that a person read some books that teach drawing and carry out the exercises in them,

and not only read, and he can also get help from a painter in the form of tips, private lessons or art courses In one of the institutes,

you can also go to YouTube for educational videos.

But it is also not useful if the person suffices with watching without application,

The basis again is application and practice by hand, until coordination between hand and eye increases, and th

e person moves his hand to draw lines similar to the shape he sees.

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